Although it has been concluded by Medway Council that there is potential land supply for 29,244 homes over the Local plan period, i.e. 1683 homes per year for the next 17 plus years, in 2019 there was already a deficit of 1,036 homes being provided,

Development of the retail sector was also down on previous years, with a lack of large-scale projects such as supermarkets and retail centres.  However, a recent report has identified the potential for around 600,000 sq m of new employment land in addition to the 700,000 sq m that has already been recognised.

The Council’s appeal success rate was the lowest in the last 4 years with 65% being dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate.

To assist in the preparation of policies for the Hoo St Werburgh area, a consultant has been appointed to aid the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, and a draft version will be received early 2021.

Consultants have also been commissioned by High Halstow for the development of their neighbourhood plan.  A meeting was scheduled for mid-December 2021 to work out a work programme strategy.

Cliffe and Cliffe Woods are due to consult on their neighbourhood plan prior to submitting to Medway Council to progress to examination.

Arches (Chatham) have set up themed working groups to work towards their strategic areas and a draft neighbourhood plan is due early 2021.

For advice on the forthcoming Medway Plan or to discuss the opportunities that are present, contact Director Tom Ogden on 01892 831600 or email