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Certificate of Lawfulness

A Certificate of Lawfulness (also known as a C of L, Lawful Development Certificate or LDC) confirms that a use or development is lawful and no enforcement action may be taken in respect of such, or, that planning permission is not required.

There are two types of Certificate of Lawfulness that may be issued:

A Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development (CLEUD); and
A Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use of Development (CLOPUD)

We are able to advise clients on the procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Lawfulness and whether this would be appropriate taking into account the individual’s circumstances.

The Council’s assessment of whether a Certificate of Lawfulness should be granted is based on the evidence submitted. Bloomfields expertise in this field will ensure that a comprehensive application is put forward to the Council. This includes working with the client to gather a complete evidence base, drafting Statutory Declarations / Sworn Affidavits and presenting these to the Council in a logical and justified format. Obtaining a CLEUD can help prevent enforcement action and can add significant value to a property, if you are looking to sell or raise finance. If you are looking to carry out development or a change in use to a property that does not require planning permission a CLOPUD is an excellent way to be reassured that one can do this. If you come to sell your property this can provide certainty to a prospective purchaser as to the legal status.

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