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Green Belt

The Green Belt is essentially land ‘reserved’ as open space, with its main purpose being to prevent urban sprawl. The essential characteristics of the Green Belt are its openness and permanence.

Sites within the Green Belt have significant, but not insurmountable, restrictions and you are always advised to seek professional advice when considering any development within the Green Belt.

For example there are certain types of development which can be considered to be acceptable in Green Belt locations, as they do not conflict with the purpose of including land within the Green Belt. Such exceptions can include but are limited to the replacement of a building within the same use or the re-use of an existing building, agricultural or forestry development, infill development, outdoor recreation, affordable housing and extensions which are not considered disproportionate . There may also be cases where Special Circumstances can otherwise warrant development in the Green Belt.

If you would like to explore options for development in the Green Belt talk to us today and find out how we can help.

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