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Site Appraisal

Undertaking a planning appraisal of a building, site or parcel of land may help determine how you and your family/business utilise your assets to meet aspirations, income, requirements, desires of the local community, and, determine what disposal options may be worth considering.

Of course a site appraisal may also help you decide on whether you wish to invest in a site. Having a comprehensive understanding of a building/site history, local and national planning policy, local neighbourhood(s), Councillors, and, working with Councils helps Bloomfields provide informed, honest and balanced advice in their appraisals. A planning appraisal can help inform your decision making process by determining what is likely to be achievable in planning terms and what is not. Often a site appraisal is the best way to identify how we can work with you to develop a strategic plan to assist in meeting your long term goals. Although not always want you want to hear, at Bloomfields we would sooner tell you that it is unlikely to be achievable in planning terms than lead you up the garden path.