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Redevelopment of farm and industrial yard

Bloomfields have secured the grant of planning permission for the redevelopment of a large site that includes demolition of part and conversion of a workshop building to form a detached four bedroom dwelling with a courtyard garden, extension and alterations to a residential dwelling to provide a 3/4 bedroom dwelling and demolition of a further building to be replaced with a four bedroom residential dwelling with associated parking and large garden.

Historically, Bloomfields secured the lawful use of a variety of building uses including industrial and residential which in turn opened up opportunities for the client in terms of replacement dwellings and conversion of existing built form.

During the course of the re-development application considerable negotiation was undertaken with the Local Planning Authority to ensure that the proposal would enhance the character and appearance of the area. The existing B2 use of the site means that a large amount of machinery, equipment and materials are stored and used within the yard area. By its nature this creates a somewhat unattractive backdrop to the surrounding residential properties; including two listed buildings. The development of the site for one further residential property would tidy up the site in terms of appearance and enhance the amenity for the existing neighbours and residential properties on site.