The latest proposals from central government amongst other matters, seeks the general public’s view on;

  • extending the thresholds for agricultural permitted development rights to help farmers; and
  • on a new agricultural to residential permitted development right to help provide housing for rural workers.

This includes the possibility of allowing up to 750sqm of agricultural building to go to residential uses, for a maximum of 5 new dwellings, each with a floor space of no more than 150sqm. Consultation for this ends on 2 May 2017, so don’t miss the opportunity to have your say.   We were also pleased to see amendments to guidance to better support the development of farm shops, polytunnels and on-farm reservoirs is also being proposed.  So watch this space!

The intention to clarify what constitutes building operations reasonably necessary to convert agricultural buildings to residential uses within permitted development rights should help Council’s be more positive towards delivering much needed housing and farm diversification.  So whilst the rural review continues to be reviewed, we are working hard for clients to utilise planning opportunities that still exist for many able to capitalise on permitted development rights, exploit shortfall’s in housing numbers and outdated local plans.  Should you be reviewing your options?