On 1 February 2021, the Council agreed the publication of the draft Dartford Local Plan to 2037 as a ‘sound’ plan. As a result, the plan was published however, since then a notification by Natural England on 11 March 2021 indicated a new proposed Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) being Swanscombe Peninsula and includes significant tracts of land on the Peninsula and Ebbsfleet Central. The area includes important geology, breeding birds, invertebrates, vascular plants and some critically endangered/rare and scarce species.  This has resulted in the need to make focused amendments to the Local Plan and for it to be published for consultation again.

Once the amendments have been made, the second publication is anticipated to be the Council’s final consideration of the Local Plan prior to examination by the Planning Inspector. Interested parties, including those who commented previously, will be informed about a 6-week period where written representations can be made and submitted to the Council.

A sound Local Plan is essential to maximise the Council’s influences over the development of the Borough. Dartford is expected to have adoption of the Plan take place in 2022, where they will hopefully fulfil the amendments required and deliver a compliant Local Plan.

If you require further information, please contact a member of the team on 01892 831600