Horsham District Council (HDC) have commissioned a study to investigate how to maximise their delivery of biodiversity in its district, over and above the forthcoming 10% BNG target. As part of this, Horsham is undertaking a ‘Green Call for Sites’ from 17th to 31st October 2022.

The ‘Green Call for Sites’ is a theoretical exercise, aimed at landowners, to find out what land may be available for biodiversity offsetting within the District (irrespective of the percentage of biodiversity net gain set in the Local Plan).

This is being explored following the requirement introduced in the Environment Act 2021 for all planning permissions granted in England to deliver at least 10% biodiversity net gain either on-site or off-site from November 2023. Horsham’s ‘Green Call for Sites’ is hoping to understand from local landowners what capacity there is in the District to deliver biodiversity net gain through offsetting, being its delivery of BNG on a piece of land that does not form part of a planning application.

Please contact Bloomfield’s Sussex office if you have land you may wish to put forward to be included in this exercise.