The Government has announced that New Permitted Development rights will aid England’s high streets and town centres, helping to deliver classrooms and hospital spaces more efficiently, and allowing for freedom of ports. As of 1st August 2021 the conversion from Commercial, Business and Service (E) to Residential (C3) is allowed under this new Right.

The development must meet a number of criteria as per the below:

  • The building must have been vacant for 3 months
  • Must have been in Class E for a minimum of 2 years
  • Maximum of 1,500 sqm floorspace

As per other Prior Approval applications, consideration will be required for:

  • Flooding
  • Impacts of noise from commercial premises
  • Provision of adequate natural light
  • Impact of the loss of heath centres and registered nurseries
  • In Conservation Areas, the impact of the loss of ground floor Class E use will also be a consideration
  • Existing Article 4 restricting the change of use of offices to residential will continue to have the same affect until 31st July 2022

The Housing Secretary also outlined other items for further permitted development rights of public service infrastructure, allowing enlarged extensions to be provided by up to 25% of the existing footprint, or 250 sqm – whatever is greater. Height restrictions of new buildings will be increased from 5m to 6m.

If you would like advice about the changes please feel free to contact Bloomfields – 01892 831600 or