Maidstone Borough Council have written to the Secretary of State asking him to respond to points raised on Maidstone Borough Council’s capability to deliver on its housing requirements.

The housing growth requirement will rise by 40% from 2022, so instead of the 882 homes per annum that the Council have been focused on, they will have to deliver 1236 homes per year.  There is also concern over the lack of Government funding for the infrastructure needed to sustain this level of development.

Up to now, the Council have achieved their annual housing delivery by mainly converting office space to residential via Permitted Development rights.  However, this type of conversion is finite and therefore they will become more dependant on the private sector house building to achieve the numbers required.  Ideally, the Council want to encourage garden community type proposals but these have at least a ten-year development programme.

Five political groups have supported the letter and the hope is that a meeting can be arranged for further discussion on the issues.

Bloomfields await with interest as to how the Secretary of State will respond.