Many would have seen Bloomfields advertising the latest permitted development rights which can, in many circumstances, allow light industrial buildings to be changed to houses without the need to submit full planning applications. Believe it or not, these rights were introduced in April 2016 but it is not until 30 September 2017 that these will take effect.

If you have a building which has been used for a light industrial purpose before the 19 March 2014 or was last used for a light industrial purpose before this date then you may be able to utilise these to maximize your property’s value.

Like many of the existing permitted development rights certain criteria have to be satisfied before a change of use can occur. Address these matters correctly and you could find yourself benefiting hugely, address them incorrectly and you could prejudice your ability to release the full potential of your asset now and in the future.  Contact Bloomfields on 01892 831600 to see how they can assist you or visit the team at some of the forthcoming ploughing matches.