After the submission of the Local Plan in 2020, the inspector raised ‘serious concerns’ in December 2020 and advised that they considered it very likely that the only option would be to withdraw the plan. Alternatively, for them to issue a final report recommending the plan is not adopted. In January 2021, Tonbridge & Malling responded to these concerns and the inspectors letter advises that they remain of the view that there has not been compliance with the duty to cooperate and have been advised to either withdraw the plan or it will be recommended for non-adoption for failing to meet the duty of cooperation. Neither Sevenoaks or T&MBC have an up to date Local Plan nor a 5 year housing land supply. Sevenoaks argues that they have too much Green Belt land, resulting in restricted development and want other authorities to take some of their houses. To conclude, the Local Plan has failed to comply with the Duty to Cooperate with neighbouring authorities (Sevenoaks being one.) T&MBC therefore still have an out of date Local Plan, with the balance tilting in favour of national planning policy and the presumption in favour of sustainable development.

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