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Conditions discharged for a Major Planning Approval for Slurry Lagoon

Bloomfields have recently secured the discharge of all the conditions attached to a major planning permission on a 10,000 sq. metre site for the installation of a new bespoke lagoon to store 4,000m3 of dairy slurry.

The application was complex and required the submission of two non-material amendment applications, as well as the condition discharge application. The LPA produced a condition, in relation to a material management plan, which was impossible to discharge, thus requiring the submission of a non-material amendment to vary the relevant wording of the planning permission, before the condition could be discharged.

This case proves that condition discharges, which are often seen as the more straightforward part of the planning process, is certainly not always the true, and continued diligence, knowledge and experience is required to ensure these cases are guided competently across the ultimate finishing line to enable works to commence.