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Permitted development approved for new 10,000m³ slurry lagoon and FYM store

Permitted development approved for new 10,000m³ slurry lagoon and FYM store


  • Highly sensitive area within proximity to Grade I listed dwelling and within a Historic Park and Garden.
  • Site complemented with sensitive planting given its location within the metropolitan Green Belt and a National Landscape.
  • Enables long standing tenanted dairy farm to expand ready for the next generation.


  • Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Green Belt
  • Prior Approvals
  • Agricultural & Forestry



Bloomfields has secured the approval of a permitted development application planning permission for a new 10,000m³ slurry lagoon, a 1,500m² farmyard manure store as well as three separate water settlement ponds over a 3,600m²  (3.6 ha) site.  The lagoon will now facilitate the planned dairy herd expansion for a longstanding, multigenerational family run dairy.

Given the location was a highly designated site, not only within the Green Belt and a National Landscape, but also within a Historic Park and Garden and within very close proximity to a Grade I listed dwelling of national importance, the scheme had to be sensitively designed and complemented with a planting and landscaping scheme to assimilate the development into its heavily designated countryside surroundings.  The application also needed to be tailored to our client’s requirement to ensure two mature oak trees on the site were to remain in place, with the development ensuring their protection and retention.

This PD application required the submission of additional supporting reports, which is not usually the case for PD submissions, however, given its highly sensitive location, these reports were produced to ensure the matters of ‘siting and design’ were addressed within the main application.

Finally, the consent also approved a half mile long internal temporary haul road to facilitate the construction of the development, and which was included within the development to ensure Highways had minimal objections on the use of a narrow and unsuitable access road.

As the application was permitted development and all additional documents were provided upfront, there were no conditions to discharge and our clients will soon be starting the earthworks quickly after approval and should manage most of the works within the 2024 summer.

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