The Government have published (13 February 2024) a consultation on changes to permitted development rights to give greater flexibility to householders to enlarge and make alterations to their homes and to widen the scope of buildings that can be extended upwards to create new homes. The potential changes include:

  • Increasing the maximum depth for single and two-storey extensions by an additional metre;
  • Introduction of rights to enable the construction of single-storey wrap around L-shaped extensions to homes;
  • Removal of existing volume restrictions on domestic loft extensions to convert all available space;
  • Height of extensions to be the same as the original where an extension is not visible from the street, and an increase in existing roof height by 30cm;
  • Allowing for the total area of ground covered by buildings within the curtilage of a house to potentially exceed 50%;
  • In certain circumstances, removing the requirement for the materials used in any exterior work to be of a similar appearance to the existing dwelling;
  • Permit bin or bike stores to be installed in front gardens and give greater flexibility for outbuildings within designated areas;
  • Buildings built before 1st July 1948 may benefit from permitted development rights for upwards extensions to create additional flats;
  • Greater scope for the installation of EV charging points and infrastructure;
    Increase in the number and size of domestic air source heat pumps that can be installed.

The consultation is open until the 9 April 2024. If you would like any further information as to how it might affect your property or developments, please get in touch with your nearest Bloomfields office and we would be happy to assist.

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