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Change of use of restaurant to residential

Change of use of restaurant to residential  


  • Article 4 Direction
  • Article 4 removed Class MA PD rights
  • Demonstrated restaurant use no longer viable/or essential to community.
  • Not harmful to Conservation Area.
  • Allows applicant to retire and remain in property


  • Planning Applications
  • Housing Developments
  • Commercial & Industrial



[Image for illustration purpose only]

Bloomfields have successfully secured permission for the change of use of restaurant area to residential.

Bloomfields demonstrated that despite the Article 4 Direction, the restaurant use was no longer viable and that the change of use to residential should not be resisted. Furthermore, that the restaurant did not play such an important role in sustaining the village community that its loss would cause harm to that aim. Nor would the proposal cause harm to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

The permission will now allow the applicant to retire from the restaurant and still be able to reside at the property.

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