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Conversion of a vacant office building into three one-bedroom flats

Conversion of a vacant office building into three one-bedroom flats


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Bloomfields has secured the change of use and conversion of a vacant mixed/use office building within an area of prominent residential development into three dwellings under the provisions of Class MA of the General Permitted Development Order 2021.

The client was advised to take a two-step approach, ensuring that any building works which would aid any future PD conversion were secured via Lawful Development Certificates, prior to the submission of the Class MA application.

The Class MA application was then submitted, and demonstrated how the office unit had been vacant for a prolonged period of time and could be better utilised as three one-bedroom flats, comprising a gross internal area of 169.5 square metres.

We justified to the Council that the sensitive conversion and reconfiguration of the building into three single-bedroom dwellings would be the most appropriate to ensure its long term future would be secured.  Prior Approval was granted on 6th March 2024.

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