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Lawful Development Certificate for an events cabin

Lawful Development Certificate for an events cabin


  • 10 year change of use approved for season use for family parties, weddings and events


  • Certificate of Lawfulness
  • Housing Development



Our rural planning department is frequently required to resolve out of the ordinary planning issues which do not align with what one would usually define as ‘typical planning’! One such case involved a timber cabin, which was built without planning permission and used seasonally by our clients for hosting and providing accommodation for family weddings, barbeques, parties and general gatherings. Whilst there was no planning enforcement on the site, our clients wanted to formalise the cabin and its use to increase its capital value.

Proving the cabin had been in situ was the relatively straightforward part; demonstrating to the LPA that the exact nature of its use over a continuous ten year period was much more challenging. Bloomfields also was required to demonstrate the extent of the area of land, surrounding the cabin, which had also been put to this use.

Through a combination of detailed evidence submissions, including statutory declarations, and ongoing clarification and negotiation with the LPA, it was eventually agreed that Bloomfields had provided sufficient clear and unambiguous evidence to warrant the grant of the Lawful Development Certificate.

Our client’s property has now increased in value as a result of the certificate which also now enables him to source finance against the property in view of further improvements to the cabin.

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