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Major Planning Approval for replacement FYM store and Slurry Lagoon

Major Planning Approval for replacement FYM store and Slurry Lagoon


  • New slurry store support dairy enterprise
  • New earth banked farmyard manure store within NVZ
  • Over 2 hectares of landscaping works
  • Enables family dairy unit to expand
  • Approved at application’s second committee meeting


  • Agricultural & Forestry



Bloomfields has secure a major planning permission on 22,000m2 landscaped site for replacement slurry lagoon and an earth banked farmyard manure store.

The development now complements the existing farm barns on site and completes the transformation of an area of inadequate farmyard drainage systems into a modern and Environment Agency compliant water management system.

The application faced opposition of local residents and the local parish council, which added significant delay to the process, however through continued correspondence and negotiation with these parties and the case officer, an acceptable scheme was presented to Committee members and was approved to enable a long standing family dairy farm to continue to grow and prosper.

The proposed drainage system and was wholly supported by the Environment Agency as an ideal solution to on farm water and FYM management and a scheme that will provide for total environmental protection of the surrounding land, designated within a nitrate vulnerable zone.

The permission also allowed for the creation of a landscaped earth bank to surround the lagoon to help its assimilation into its surroundings.

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