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Major Planning new farm infrastructure approved

Major Planning new farm infrastructure approved


  • New permanent rural workers’ accommodation to replace temporary static homes
  • New livestock lairage and general purpose storage building
  • New access onto an adopted highway
  • Over 3 hectares of landscaping works


  • Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Green Belt
  • Masterplanning
  • Planning Applications
  • Agricultural & Forestry



Bloomfields has secure a major planning permission on a 37,000m2 landscaped site for significant infrastructure improvements, including a new in/out access onto an adopted road, a permanent rural workers’ dwelling to replace the existing mobile homes; a new livestock building and a new general purpose storage building, two acres of new farmyard and access hardstanding and 7.5 acres of landscaping works.

In a major scheme that has been in development since 2018, permission was finally approved on this large infrastructure project in Kent. Through the pre-application process through to approval, Bloomfields successfully strategised the masterplan and navigated issues of flood risk, heritage impact, landscape impact in the AONB and Metropolitan Green Belt as well as providing a comprehensive whole farm surface and foul water management system, all to the satisfaction of the LPA.

Whilst the determination period for this major planning application did extend beyond the statutory 13 weeks, through ongoing negotiations and minor amendments and updated surveys through the determination period, the final result will revolutionise the efficiency of the onsite business.

This permission covers an area of almost 38,000m2 and proposed a significant development. Through the presentation of a robust and justified case to the LPA, this large agricultural infrastructure project was deemed absolutely necessary for the farm business and its large workforce. Ultimately, this result will facilitate the continued longevity of the business.

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